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Hi! My name is Sean and I’m certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  I’ve been a personal trainer for a little over 8 years now and first began in the fitness industry as a trainer at one of the biggest corporate gyms in the United States.  But after years of always being pressured to “hit quota” and sell personal training sessions I began to grow tired of the sales process and wanted to focus my energy on primarily giving my clients results.

  Towards the end of my career at the big box gyms I proudly left with the title of a Master Trainer, which is the most prestigious title given to a single trainer at the gym.  Throughout my experience as a personal trainer, I’ve realized how important it was for individuals to feel comfortable with who they’re working with, which is why I always meet with potential clients before starting any training program; to ensure that we are the right fit for each other.

  If you do decide to work with me, I know we’ll both have a great experience.  But don’t take my word for it.  Take a look at a few of the testimonials my clients have left below.  Also, if you have any questions that I might be able to help you with, please don’t hesitate to send me a message.

Smarter Fat Loss
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Phone: (626) 940-9458

Flerida’s Testimonial

I finally reached a point in my life where I had to make a change. I need to get fit for my health and for my family.

I decided to join the gym this was a scary decision for me because I was not comfortable with my body and being surrounded by all those active people at the gym. I felt lost and didn't know where to begin so, I signed up for a trainer and Sean walked into my life and he has been a real blessing!

He instantly made me feel at ease. He listened to me and we set goals together. He is a real motivator. Sean has such a positive attitude, he is easy to get along with, understands what your objectives are and he works hard to make sure you reach your goals. I think he is an awesome trainer and he pushes you to dig deep inside and meet the challenge he set up.  He makes me laugh and has always made me feel comfortable and he still does!

I have been working with Sean for two years and am 130lbs lighter, yeah I said it 130lbs!!!  It has not been easy and it's hard work I need to lose another 50lbs to reach my goal and with Sean at my side I have no doubt I will get there!

Sean is awesome!  Try him for yourself and see what kind of results you will see. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!!

Flerida Astacio - Los Angeles

Ron’s Testimonial

I was terrified of gyms before I started training with Sean. I had been chubby since I was a kid, but I finally wanted to lose weight, and hoped a personal trainer would help. Sean's coaching exceeded my expectations. Sean is an energetic, optimistic and confident trainer who helped me establish a consistent workout routine that achieved my goals.

He inspired me to become a gym regular, teaching me how to become comfortable with weight-lifting equipment. He's also smart he knows how to teach clients how to avoid injury, and freshened up my workouts when I could advance to the next level. About a year after I began with Sean, I lost 50 pounds and 7 inches off my waist.

Ron Lin - Alhambra

Raul’s Testimonial

In the two months I have started working with Sean I have lost more than 20 pounds, lost 4 pants sizes and have increased my body muscle mass. Sean makes each session challenging and fun. It isn’t your typical, “ok today we are going to do bench press”. He isolates a specific muscle group and we “attack” those muscle groups. Sean isn’t just about “pumping you up”; he is about reaching your goals!

I had a shoulder injury, and he made sure I did not reinjure the shoulder. He sketched out a work out plan to strengthen my shoulder. I am now able to use my injured shoulder, prior to Sean, my injury prevented me from doing a push up, but now I am able to accomplish this feat. With Sean’s help, feel was able to accomplish this sooner rather than later.

Sean’s work out are never dull or redundant. Each session is different, but yet we hit the same muscle groups and I do notice the improvements. Sean always has a positive attitude towards the work out, and through his upbeat technique he always seems to get one more set or rep from me. I am better for it.

If you are serious about losing weight, gaining more muscle, need help getting to that next stage in your workout routine; whether you are a novice or experienced sportsman and you need that extra push, contact Sean.

If you are a novice and hesitant about working with a personal trainer, Sean is the best choice. He is friendly, charasmatic and knowledgeable. He will help you to reach your unrealized goals. For you experienced sportsman, believe me you will realize new potentials, goals you thought you could not reached will become realized.

Raul Rodriguez - Los Angeles